Tuesday, March 10, 2009

one year ago today

i woke up very early and thought to myself, "i need to shave today because today's the day he's coming" (because it's like a requirement, right? must have freshly shaven legs while giving birth). it must have been mother's intuition that i knew. after completing the required shaving, i packed up my hospital bag, but did not want to bring it with me into town...i thought if i brought it it would jinx me and then he wouldn't come that day. and i really, really needed him out.
so like any other monday, lincoln was dropped off at mimi's house and i went on to church to do the deposit (church rule: always finish your volunteer work before going into labor). i then headed over to my scheduled visit with the best mid-wife ever (she really is), hoping that she'd tell me to go to the hospital immediately, even though i wasn't even having any contractions. no such luck. she did however, poke around a lot (really fun for those that have never had the pleasure) and told me that might help bring it on. went back to my mom's and got "crampy". even though this was my second baby, i felt like a first-timer in the "going into labor" process because with late linco-bean, i was induced, everything was done at the hospital, and i was never "on my own". so i still was undecided as to whether i was going into labor or just developing labor-longing-pains.
finally decided this was it. called mike to tell him, only mike had a slight problem of his own. flat tire on his van. which meant no way to get into town. (new future-baby-daddy rule: have your tires checked completely and thorougly at least two weeks before your baby's due date). my dad is then sent out to pick up mike and bring him in.
mike arrives in town, we head back over to see the mid-wife where again, i get the oh-so-nice poking and prodding. and finally, finally am told this is it and to get to the hospital. yippee!
a mere 4 hours after arriving at the hospital, we welcome our little cookie (what linc called him) into the world. and i was so proud to have a big baby that had lots of hair. and a little concerned that he somehow wasn't ours because he was so dark. well, like reddish-yellow dark*. but he's ours. and he's still big! but with not so much hair, and not so much dark.
happy first birthday malacai mitchell!

*funny story: we joked that malacai wasn't ours because he was so dark and looked a bit indian. the day after malacai was born, caitlin & i were sitting in my hospital room when the door opened and an indian man walked in, looked around and left. cait and i looked at each other and said, "he's looking for his baby!" and laughed ourselves silly. or maybe i just laughed myself silly in my "hey-i'm-not-preggers-anymore" euphoria.

there's a super cute video of cai on lyndsay's blog - check it


  1. four hours? you're a true pro!

    and thanks for the yummy trifle. it was loverly.

  2. aw, happy birthday cai! love the story about the indian guy.

  3. such a sweet, sweet mulls! xo.

  4. funny thing... I also remember being concerned about too-hairy legs whilst giving birth. however... that was only before going into labor. While in labor I found I really didn't care anymore. Could it have been the major pain I was in? hmmm.

    And on another note... thanks for sharing your birth story. I love hearing them!

  5. A little late (sorry) but Happy Happy Birthday Malacai! I hope that we will see you soon.



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