Monday, March 2, 2009

not fun

my companions for the weekend were a box of tissues, lots of cough drops and lots of tea. i spent the entire weekend in bed. this cold ranked in my top 3 worst colds. i never get severe colds and rarely get the "seal bark" cough (the first day of my coughing i remarked to mike, "i sound like lyndsay" - who always seemed to have the croup cough throughout childhood). i had it all this weekend. i'm thankful for my wonderful husband who waited on me and took care of the kiddos and my mommy who also came to help out and made me chicken noodle soup.

also - cannot believe it's already march!


  1. Sorry you don't feel well!!

    Poor Lynz - didn't she also have a burping disease? LOL. Love you, Lynz...

  2. hope you're feeling better soon. colds are sucky.

  3. get well soon <3 mctoria :)



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