Friday, March 27, 2009

fun in the bedroom

this is not that kind of blog, so get your minds out of the gutter (as my mom likes to say).

my feeling is, if you're not enjoying some good laughs in your marriage, you're headed for trouble. so, more for my amusement than mike's, i decided to short sheet the bed. i've never done it before and was inspired by my sisters who recently short-sheeted craig's bed when he came home to visit. i actually had to do this twice, because the first time i ended up short-sheeting myself. i made the bed all up, forgot that i had done it, and ended up going to bed way before mike. climbed into bed and muttered, "what the heck?". redid it again yesterday (and forgot about it again...super bad short-term memory, eh?), but luckily mike got into bed before me...sucess! and i laughed!

what do you do for laughs?

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