Wednesday, March 25, 2009

first fiesta

malacai requested a mexican fiesta for his first birthday. being the mexican food addict that i am, i was really glad he came up with that idea. we had lots of fun with lots of family. (and i cannot believe this, but we did not get one picture of our scrumptious food table...and there was some good food! nor are there any pictures of all the "decorations", and i have some awesome fiesta-themed items [especially my dinnerware]...too bad!)

our little mexican turns one!
(he hated this sombrero...could not get him to keep it on for more than 2 seconds)

lincoln insisted on opening every present with cai and then would promtly take it as soon as it was unwrapped

this little mexican had no problems posing in the sombrero

the free cake (did you know tops will give you a free cake for your baby's first birthday?)
i always feel a bit guilty about getting a cake from a bakery and not making one, but it's free, how can you pass up a free cake? and most likely, it's the only year they'll get one from a store. except if they want a cookie cake...because no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to make a cookie cake like mrs. fields can. just like you will never be able to make from-scratch brownies that taste better than the boxed version. i am also guilty of buying ice cream cakes - i love ice cream cakes - you can make super good ones though so i really have no excuse except for laziness for buying these.

¡feliz cumpleanos baby!

1 comment:

  1. mmm...stop talking about all these yummy desserts! now i want a frosted cookie. and ice cream cake. and brownies.
    your from scratch brownies were at least just as good as box brownies. that's an accomplishment!
    i love little mulls with the sombrero!



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