Friday, March 6, 2009

and so it begins

got this in the mail the other day. we decided to go with the 1974 version because we like to kick it old school. i've just started reading it and find it highly amusing, being from '74 and all. so even if i can't potty train linc in less than a day, at least i'll have had a good read! so far my favorite excerpt (other than reading about the "profoundly retarded") is:
"When you will be praising your child during training, you will be telling him not only that you are pleased but also that others too will be pleased. To facilitate this, use the Friends-Who-Care procedure. Make up a list of all the persons and friends your child admires, such as Daddy, his big brothers and sisters, his grandfather, his aunt, the mailman, and the baby-sitter."
um, the mailman?? is there something mommy needs to tell daddy when we're including the mailman in the potty training process? i guess mailmen were the superheros of the 70's. lincoln probably does admire our mailman, since he drives a pickup.
the illustrations in this book are also fantastic; maybe i'll share a couple of those too at some point (that's a lot of work though, scanning and all).
i must get reading. and start looking for a doll - "the doll should be of the type that wets". anyone have one i can borrow?
anyone want to be included on the "Friends-Who-Care" list?


  1. oh, this will be so fun! linco potty training stories!! [for me anyways. you just get to clean the pee pee pants] i'm so in. 'auntie marmo will be so pleased if you pee pee in the toilet!' afterall, he fo sho admires his auntie marmo. jake's in too.

  2. here's something that worked for us:
    1) buy a step stool.
    2) buy a box of cheerios.
    3) buy some m&m's.
    4) have lincoln stand on stool and pee on the cheerios you throw in the bowl. reward sharpshooting with m&m's.
    5) when he misses? you get m&m's.

  3. love pamela's ideas - super! good luck!! :)

  4. Could Andy and I please be on the friends-who-care list? At the top preferrably. The books seems amazing. Please do include some illustrations for us to see. Thanks!
    P.s. your boys are too cute!



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