Tuesday, February 17, 2009

holy cats!

(that's an expression my 2nd father-in-law uses and i think it's great!)

so the counter on my blog said that i got 64 hits the other day. that's laughable for some, but for my little ole blog, that's huge. and they were from all over the world. why the sudden increase? does blogger randomly promote blogs? will anyone even answers these questions?

also, i miss my best friend. she is in a far-away land and i'm ready for her to be home already! and so much is happening on the bachelor (which she got me addicted to, well, and the fact that a girl from our hometown was on it) and i really, really want to talk to someone about it. and the bachelor was in new zealand too!! did ya see him, mar??

come home now!!

1 comment:

  1. i believe blogger does randomly promote blogs because i also have random spurts of many visits from around the world...or maybe the world is just keeping a close eye on the pierce fam. most likely that.
    i'm home! and i have big plans for tonight, such as a bachelor marathon [j is super excited]. i missed you lots.



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