Wednesday, February 18, 2009

happy birthday gingy-bean

today my favorite baby seester turns 24.

happy birthday lyndsay lorraine!!

i'm sad not to be with you on your birthday. but i know andy will do a superb job making your day extra special. and you can be looking forward to getting some special birthday cookies in the mail that lincoln & i made for you!! (we'll save the presents for when you come home in march & we'll have a party then!). you are an amazing woman lyx! so kindhearted, thoughtful, funny, spunky, and faithful! i love hanging out with you. one of my favorite memories with you is when we used to go running together every night. braving the cold. trying to be really stupid when cars drove by. and sharing stories about our crushes - that we both ended up marrying...crazy! i hope you have a quackstastic day!

i'm so blessed that my two bestest friends in the whole world are my sisters!

(tee the beginning he almost fell off the bed! isn't he the greatest?!)


  1. Aww! Thanks, Mand! You're the greatest middle sister anyone could ever have! And you've got two cute kids too! Thanks for bringing home to me :)

  2. haa...middle sister! happy bday ginger! [i wanna squeeze my linco bean!]



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