Friday, February 13, 2009

a grimm weekend

last weekend, mike & i went down to visit andy & lyndsay. we had lots and lots and lots of fun (was there an extra lots thrown in there because it was also a kid-less weekend? possibly.). we'll give a little shout-out to the grandparents for covering the weekend for us so we could enjoy jaunting around beaver falls/pittsburgh without little tots in tow.

mom & dad were there the first night because dad had a meeting in pittsburgh on saturday morning (and mike's mom watched the boys the first night so my mom could come down with dad!)

we went to a primanti brothers restaurant on friday night to try the "pitts-burger" (a burger with coleslaw & fries on it). pretty good actually. lyx ordered a pickle and mom snatched some before we could even snap a picture.

doing our favorite family event, playing games and drinking coffee. obviously andy did not like lyndsay's suggestion of playing life on the farm.

i'm not really sure why we're doing this...something mom said about trying to be cool like the japanese do in their pictures??

saturday morning we enjoyed some yummy, yummy waffles inc.

mom and i shared the "breakfast waffle"
(bacon, cheese, green onion & an egg with sour cream topping)

mike's "french toast" waffle

my only request for the weekend was to make a trip to don pablo's since we no longer have any in new york state

the reason i miss dp's: the queso

andy's obviously super excited about the queso too

we drove into pittsburgh (only taking ten a few wrong turns) to see the city lights
(i know mike has much better pictures of the lights that he took with his fancy-shmancy camera, but i don't feel like getting on his computer and looking for them, so settle for this)

i'm not sure why i'm posting this picture because i don't like it very much

we went to the northeast barista competition in cranberry, pa. it wasn't the excitement that we'd thought it'd be and i was very dissapointed in the lack of free samples.

we also did some other exciting things (like going to ikea, again! andy & mike can never get enough ikea. and eating oram's donuts, yum!). thanks for the super fun weekend, grimm-ies!! you were great hosts. next time we'll do another trip with the boys (and get no sleep!).


  1. I have been to Cranberry, PA, years ago. A college friend grew up in Franklin, which is about 10 minutes away. There weren't any free samples when we were there, either. Stingy people.

  2. what a fun weekend! glad you guys had a little trip.

  3. 01. had fun without us. not cool.
    02. i love dads face in the pickle picture.
    03. and the cool japanese picture.
    04. that doesn't look like waffles inc. i'm confused.
    05. nice hair blowing in the wind in the dp picture.
    06. i want some queso.
    07. i want to go shopping in pit.
    08. i want orams.
    09. i want to see ginger.
    10. i want a lot.



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