Saturday, January 31, 2009

good apple contest

my beautiful cousins, victoria and rachel, make the cutest felt ornaments and magnets. they sell them on esty. and they have a blog for their boutique and are having a contest!! and nothing beats a blog contest! and if you go to their blog, and leave them a comment, you could win! but more importantly if you tell them i sent you on over there, i'll get another entry! and i think i should win because i desperately wanted the finger puppets they just made and listed on etsy, and when i went to buy them, they were sold out already! so now i'm super bummed...but winning their blog contest would bring me some cheer. so please, all my 5 readers, go leave a comment on this blog (it ends on friday the 6th). i'll even help you by giving you a suggestion for a comment you could leave: "manda, the coolest blogger i know, sent me here and i would like to be entered to win your contest. your stuff is really cute". feel free to copy & paste, i won't sue you for plagiarism.

these are the finger puppets i wanted. i could have entertained lincoln, malacai and myself for hours on end with these.

these are super cute owl magnets they make. i own three. they are on my fridge and they make me smile every time i go to my fridge.


  1. done.
    plagiarism and all.

  2. aw, thanks for the promo!!!

    sorry about the finger puppets. i'm slowly but surely making another set. :)

  3. you rock!!! thanks for the publicity!!!



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