Saturday, January 10, 2009

where is manda, where is manda?

here i am, here i am.

i still am blogging. i just took a very long holiday break. i was busy with christmas-y things, like shopping for presents, wrapping presents, opening presents. and buying food, making food, and eating food. and i was busy with new year-y things, like going to family parties, making food, eating food, drinking sparkling grape juice, and not staying up to watch the ball drop. (i think that's the first time ever!). so we had lots of christmas fun this year. (christmas with a toddler=fun, fun, fun). hope yours was just as merry. and today i will leave you with two oh-so-cute videos.

(i love, love, love how lincoln says "christmas"...too cute. and new year is pretty good too. and his thing lately is saying that malacai is his best friend).

1 comment:

  1. way.
    i can hardly handle it! love my linco bean! i see he's still looking at his tractor calendar. guess i know what to get him next year [forget the toys]...



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