Sunday, January 18, 2009

scary guys and plane crashes

i thought lincoln's creepiness was just a random passing phase...wrong. the other night when i was putting him to bed, he looks over in the corner of his room and says, "scary guy". i looked over my shoulder (with my heart beating wildly, i'll admit) to see nothing; there's not even anything in that corner of his room to look like a scary guy. he then wanted to "hide" under his blankets. he likes me to cover his head completely with the blankets when he gets "snuggie snoo", something he's been doing for a while that i now realize he must be doing to feel safer, poor kid.
then, the other morning when i was changing him right after he got up, he was holding his ear so i asked him what he was doing. he said, "my ear hurts from all the people yelling. in the night people yelling. they're loud. there's noises.". ummm, what??! i am now beginning to believe that sixth sense was a true story.

and speaking of creep-sauce things, here's a little tale of my own experience. when mike went to hungary in september (which i never blogged about, did i? shame on me. he went to do carpentry work on the free methodist budapest ministry center) my mom came over to help out (which was very, very needed since both boys got horribly sick while i was single-parenting it - of course) and brought a book for her book-worm daughter to read, the pilot's wife. i read the blurb and saw that it was about a woman whose husband dies in a plane crash and decided i could not read about a husband dying in a plane crash when my husband was due to be flying in a few days because that would just be taboo or something. so my mom put it on my book shelf for me to read later. i had forgotten about the book until the other day when i noticed it and started reading it...and read it all day long. and then i turned on the news. and saw that there had been a plane crash! so the "miracle on hudson" plane crash happened on the day i read the book that i had refused to read when mike was going to be flying because i didn't want to "jinx" him. creepy, right? (i really didn't don't think stuff like that jinxes people, i just didn't want to be reading about plane crashes because i have an overactive imagination). it was a really good book though, in case you hadn't figured that out by me stating that i read it all day long. and aren't we all so glad that everyone on that plane is alive. go captain sully!

also, i really hate refilling soap dispensers. but i hate bar soap even more. so refill i will.


  1. what a little creeper. he could always come here and talk to Jerry...

  2. Seriously creepy! what an imagination!

  3. maybe it's not his imagination. (how's that for creepy?) not trying to freak you out any more than you are, but kids know things. good luck!



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