Monday, January 26, 2009

google game

my most fabulous older sister introduced me to this fun, fun game (i can say that...she's my only older sister...craig & lyx - you better never utter those words...unless they are about me!). anyhow, go to goole, type your first name and 'looks like'. see what comes up, and have yourself a good belly chuckle. here's mine:

manda looks like:
"a large snake with little arms and a dragon's head"
"a 12 year old boy as a gangster from afar"

and what we all know to be true:
"manda looks great, even better than the concept art"

also - i'm extremely proud of myself today because i have saved us $80 a month by canceling our home phone and digital cable (i'll miss you millions of channels that i never watched; and channel guide - i'll miss you even more).

also, also - i melted an entire stick of butter in the microwave today...seems i pressed '99' instead of '9'. oops. (who knew that you could even press 99 and it would start!)

also, also, also - lincoln has started calling me 'mr. mom'. yea, that's right, 'mr. mom'. no idea why. not really liking that, but greatly amused by it.


  1. we joined the no-cable-no-phone club last year. i like it. and mr. mom, huh? that's better than being called by your first name. my kids think that's the funnest game ever.

  2. i always did think you looked kind of like a 12 year old boy - as a gangster, of course.

  3. why on earth is the google game so boring for my name? oh well...I'm getting a chuckle from reading everyone elses.

  4. and apparently the phrase 'pamela looks like' only generates hits regarding what a skank pamela anderson is. it would seem there are no other pamelas.

  5. Wanna do a post about your cute boys? I want to see pictures of them - they're getting so big!



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