Thursday, November 6, 2008


a little late posting this, but knew you'd want to see the boys in their cute, cute costumes (well, linc isn't too exciting because actually if you look back on last year, you'll see he's wearing the same still fit and i couldn't see getting a new one when this one still fit, waste not-want not).  linc was fun this year, he actually understood what was going on and was so excited to get lots & lots of "cannie, cannie".

doing a little work on the costumes before we go


little cai enjoying his first halloween (with uncle jo-jo)

linc so did not want to pose for pictures, he just wanted to start eating

finally, he can enjoy his treats

surveying the loot

the skunk cannot believe how little the monkey's tail is

malacai finds something better than a monkey tail

as you can see in the last picture, someone gave away animal it!!  a treat i actually don't mind lincoln eating.  if i ever live in a house where we get trick-or-treaters (which i won't, cuz we no likey the city), then i will have a bowl of animal crackers to pass out to the "baby" ghouls & goblins.  


  1. HAHAHA! Can't help but laugh. My buddies.

  2. SO cute, Mand! I'm glad you were able to use the skunk costume after all :)

  3. me too. 2T, yea right. maybe the sleeves were 2T....cai barely fit in the thing at 7 months! rip off, BJ's!

  4. LOL. adorable!!! LOVE the skunk costume!



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