Saturday, November 22, 2008

bundle up baby

i am not being a good blogger.  i even have lots of good stories to tell, like sharing about our grimm visit last weekend.  or the millions of cute things lincoln says & does every day.  or pictures from the pumpkin patch that i have yet to post.  and yet, my blog is not being updated. i'll blame malacai this time.  he is so busy doing his army crawl all over kingdom come that i have not had one second to spend blogging lest he crawl into the pellet stove (yes, we got a pellet stove that i have not had a chance to complain write about yet) or chew on every electric cord in sight (which is a lot, because we never had to baby-proof our house for lincoln because he never got into anything, which is amazing).  so you can blame mr. sweet-cheeks for no updates.
but i did want to share two things.  
one: my house is freezing.  we came home late last night from our very fun staff christmas party to a cold house.  the furnace: broke.  the pellet stove was off and even with it on, it barely warms the chair next to it, let alone the living room or our house.  (mike is blocking off the upstairs as i type so we'll see if that helps).  current temps: living room: 57, kitchen: 52.
two: it is 11am and i am laying in bed!!!!!!!!!  the boys had a sleepover at mimi & pop's last night so i've had the bestest morning ever.  i slept till 9 (a few years ago this would not have been considered sleeping in) and have been lounging in bed all morning, staying warm under my blankies. 
i'm very glad that the boys do not have to be here in a freezing house.  i cannot wait to get to mooms.  oh, and our house shall remain freezing all weekend due to the fact that we'd have to pay an extra $200 just to have it fixed on the weekend, rather than waiting till monday.  no thanks.  bundle up baby.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


a little late posting this, but knew you'd want to see the boys in their cute, cute costumes (well, linc isn't too exciting because actually if you look back on last year, you'll see he's wearing the same still fit and i couldn't see getting a new one when this one still fit, waste not-want not).  linc was fun this year, he actually understood what was going on and was so excited to get lots & lots of "cannie, cannie".

doing a little work on the costumes before we go


little cai enjoying his first halloween (with uncle jo-jo)

linc so did not want to pose for pictures, he just wanted to start eating

finally, he can enjoy his treats

surveying the loot

the skunk cannot believe how little the monkey's tail is

malacai finds something better than a monkey tail

as you can see in the last picture, someone gave away animal it!!  a treat i actually don't mind lincoln eating.  if i ever live in a house where we get trick-or-treaters (which i won't, cuz we no likey the city), then i will have a bowl of animal crackers to pass out to the "baby" ghouls & goblins.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

creepy kid

these would have been perfect tales for late last night, so just pretend it's very late on halloween night!

tale #1: a week or so ago, i'm woken up by lincoln talking (over the monitor).  all of a sudden i hear, "who's the guy in the window?".  okay, i think to myself, that's creepy; but he's on the second floor, there could be no one in the window, not to mention we have 2 blinds and a blanket hanging over his window.  so i figure he's probably looking at a book, and decide to jump in the shower before i go up to get him.  then, while i was getting ready, i hear "i see a head".  so now i'm really creeped out, and go up to get him.  nothing is in his room, his window is still covered; he does mention the head and the window one more time while i'm changing him.

tale #2: a few nights ago, i'm putting lincoln to bed and he says, "there's a guy in the room".  i nervously look around and then tell him there's no guy.  he says, "there's a guy in the window". i double check to make sure the windows are still triple-covered and tell him there's no guy in the window.  then he says, "there's a guy standing out in the corn"!  um, creep-sauce!  (we do have corn fields around our house).  then he says, "i'm scared of the guy".  and my reply, "um, too.  i'm going downstairs now, good luck".  (not really...i reassuringly told him that there was no guy and he didn't need to be scared and that jesus was keeping him safe).

tale #3: this morning, i'm lying in bed, listening to lincoln talk over the monitor.  he says, "guy, get me out of bed".  then i hear him rustling around and he cries, "no, i don't want you to!".  

so, yea, i'm officially creeped out by my kid.


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