Saturday, October 18, 2008

vintage clothing

caitlin opened up her own vintage clothing store in byron. she has lots and lots of super cute things...clothes, hats, name it, it's there. and she sells antiques there too. it's the cutest little shop; so if you're in the wny area, go there promptly. (it's right in the heart of byron - by the 4 way stop that 262 and 237 intersect at, big orange doors is her shop).

yea, i was the first purchasing customer!  every time i go there i end up buying something (luckily everything there is a steal of deal...seriously.  so go there!)


  1. ooo fun! i can't wait to open a store! maybe cait will need some handmade goodies from good apple boutique to showcase :)

  2. how cool!! i second victoria's idea - caitlin would love to sell little ornaments, right?! :)



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