Thursday, October 16, 2008

home again

this past weekend, lyndsay and andy came back home for a visit (they live in PA now...lyndsay is an RD at Geneva College). we had lots & lots of fun and lots & lots of laughs; it was so good to see my little seesta again...i miss her very, very much.

we celebrated andy's birthday with some red velvet cupcakes

we went for a horse & buggy ride in alexander

note how both boys are clutching the rails...too cute

my little farmer

my bestest friends (we missed mar this past weekend, at least she made it home for the photo op & some red velvet cupcakes)

aunt jan also hosted her annual fall party or "hempelfest" this past weekend.  (we eat german's not my fav as far as bannister-party cuisine goes, but the company can't be beat!).

the new babies ('cept for little ryan is missing)

finally got to meet tate andrew hempel....too cute!

grampa stuie has the magic touch

every year, we take a walk down to the pond...beautiful colors
 ahh...fall.  love it.

on the walk back the moon peeked at us

since i posted a picture of tate, thought i should share an interesting tid-bit about our family:
within the last three years, roy & doris bannister have had nine great-grandbabies born into their clan (they have more than 9 in case you are wondering)...of these nine, only one is a girl.  one girl, eight boys.  crazy.  as jen said, "amelia is going to be thrown into the pond a lot" (if you did not understand that last statement you have probably never been to a nesbitt family reunion)


  1. Mand! You chose a picture of us sisters where my eyes were weird - out of all the photos, that was the chosen one? I do love all your photos, though.

  2. i love this post. the pic of the walk is BEAUTIFUL!!! i love our expanding family and all these cute babies!! i get excited when you post and 2 close together! nice work :)

  3. i'm proud of your increased posting as well! although it looks like you had fun without me and that's unacceptable. i think your eyes look fine in that pic leeko...too bad mand didn't get the memo about wearing stripes.

  4. lyx i thought your eyes were fine, that's why i chose it...i thought it was the one were we all looked good. shoot, i did polk-a-dots and not stripes! i'm firing my assistant for not getting me the memo on stripes.



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