Friday, October 10, 2008

fall into vermont

mike & i had an amazing trip to vermont.  we went up to northern vermont (without the babies) to enjoy the foliage and go moose spotting.  they had great, great colors and we did see moose.  it was freezing though....into the 30's at night; and we were in a heat-free cabin!  camping (or cabining) in the fall is the best because there are so few people.  we went with a cabin this year because the original forecast for the weekend was supposed to be rain & more rain, but it ended up being a rain-free weekend.  i was glad to have the cabin though; (it was very rustic...beds only) it was nice to have some extra space (to stand up in) and not to have to worry about set up & take down.  i love getting to spend alone time with my favoritest person ever.

our cabin


our first time seeing a bull moose 
(picture taken through the windshield)

posing nicely for us

just isn't the same without marla & justin

my favorite picture that mike took

i had a thing for steeple's on this trip....

my photographer

vermont foliage

this was a sign in rutland, vermont & i thought it was super cute
(and again, so mad that i didn't take pictures of it at night, looked so much better lit up....i had this same problem on the canoe trip)


  1. great fall colors! so jealous - i was just thinking today how much i'd love to be in vermont during this time. i also LOVE the white steeples that peak through all the foliage! so cute. :) great pics!!

  2. great pics!! and wow what great shots of seeing moose. i can't wait to spot my first moose. one of my coworkers today was telling me that the place to go is moosehead island in maine. guess i'll have to add that to my "places to go" list.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the picture of the two of you in front of that cool building - totally awesome!




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