Friday, September 19, 2008

90 miles

(warning...blogger may have gotten carried away with pictures for this post)

i guess i will finally post about the 90 mile canoe race my buff hubby and brother-in-law did together. (for those that didn't hear, mike did the 90 mile adirondack canoe classic for the second time...i know, who's crazy enough to do it once, let alone twice...and justin did it for the first time!). it was a fun weekend, well maybe more fun for marla & me, their fantastic pit-crew; might have been more of a tiring weekend for the boys. who's ready for the '09 90 miler??

pit crew hard at work making breakfast the first morning
(did i mention our fellow racers started their morning at 4am?!)

team sawyer matching coffee mugs...
er, sorry mike, maybe next year you can have one too!

paddle on team sawyer

team sawyer members

justin got super excited and jumped in the boat before they were even in the water

this is what the starting line looked like on day one

war canoes...maybe the pierce clan in '09?

the first carry...the pit crew met up with the paddlers to see how they were doing
(justin under canoe, mike carrying gear behind, marla checking things out)

taking off....

second carry...canoe weighs 65 pounds (i may not have that number right)

finish line day one - blue mountain lake

the beach at blue mountain lake

mike picking out his seat for the race
(note the rain jackets...paddled in the rain  - 
 and the pit crew took down & set up tents in the rain...not so much fun)

team sawyer mascot

watching the paddlers from long lake bridge

had to get a picture of "whitey", the other team we rooted for 
(we said it was mike & justin in 20 years)

the only reason i am posting such a ridiculous picture of myself is to show our true pit-crew spirit...
first, i agreed to spend my 5th anniversary watching my husband paddle a boat;
second, look how dedicated...we even made signs

day two finish

my hot paddler - xo

aunt jan & uncle stu happened to be in the adks the same weekend 
(only a mere 100 miles away), so they came over to see the big race and took us out to a lovely dinner in tupper lake

happy anniversary, happy anniversary.....

we couldn't take the rain so we opted for a stay in a motel instead and found this cute, vintage motel in tupper lake 
(i'm so mad i didn't take the picture at night when the sign was lit because it was super cute then)

the cute motel cabin we stayed in
(couldn't think of a better way to spend our anniversary...sharing a tiny room with marla & justin!)


this was the super cute office (again...looked so cute at night with the "office" sign lit up)

packed out...the sleeping bags are where marla & justin seats were...

squeeze it in

misty morning start for the third day

yea...the final finish line in saranac lake!

stepping out for the last time

the aftermath

we did it, we did it!

just thought this sign was great, and the fellow under it!

heck yea team sawyer....3rd place!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

we love camping

(or should i say cabining?)

we had a most delightful trip to the ADKS this summer. 

lots of maple frosted donuts, lots of rain, lots of family, lots of games, lots of laughs.  

and for the first time ever in my life, running out of gas!  (note picture in top row, 3rd from left...that's us about 5 miles from our exit - almost made it).   have to give a shout out to marla's boss for providing her with AAA....the pierce's saved by the boss again! 


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