Wednesday, August 27, 2008

for marmo

i've been meaning to post this for months.  such a slacker.  i was going to post it for marla's birthday back in may.  better late than never.  

i love my big seester very, very much!  she's my bestest friend.  and a great auntie.  she requested this video be posted long ago.  

one of lincoln's latest sayings is "i scared _____."  (blank can be filled in with pretty much anything: bugs, cow, malacai, mommy...).  and for some reason, he seems to be frightened by flies. (he did not get it from me!)  


  1. aw tanks! and a big woo hoo for the boog video! xo.

  2. OH MY WORD. that video is hilarious!!!!
    i LOVE his little gasp face - so cute!! :)
    welcome once again to the blogging world, mand!

  3. Mand,
    I LOVE Linco's shirt in that video! It's so cute? Where'd you get it? And how did you swing getting a macbook?
    Love you! See you in a little over a month!



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