Friday, December 12, 2008


eating peppermint stick ice cream under the christmas tree

Saturday, December 6, 2008

happy 6 on 6

today marks the 6 year anniversary of mine & michael's 1st date*.  (oops, just realized i never flipped my bedroom calendar to december!)  

6 years ago today was a friday, i do believe...(yes it was, i just checked on google). it was christmas in the city (um, did i miss that this year or is it next weekend?).  lyx & i went to christmas in the city together, i think she might have had to play her cello at the bank.  michael & i met up at the mall (ouu, how exciting, the batavia mall!).  i was sooo nervous.  i then dropped my car & lyx off at my parents house and told lyx to tell mom & dad i was going out! haa!  i didn't want to tell them!  poor little lyx, having to do my dirty work; the life of the youngest.  mike & i then drove to the gas station on 33 to get a newspaper to find out what movies were playing nearby.  we decided on analyze that (i had to google that too...i can never remember which one is the first one and which is the second one....for those that don't know, analyze that is the sequel to analyze this...see, confusing!) at the strand in brockport.  we had some extra time beforehand, so we went to the coffee shop across the street from the theatre and got some drinks.  i think michael just dropped me off at home after the movie, where i probably snuck (is that a word?) off to bed before my parents could interrogate me.  however, the next day i did have to come clean that yes, i did go out on date with mr. mcgrath from church.  giggle. 

you're the one that i love

*this was our official first date....we did browse through a barnes & nobles one time together, but that was just happenstance (we both were secretly crushing on each other at the time though).  and we did meet one time in a parking lot to talk, but secret rendezvous** in parking lots do not count as dates!

**i was looking up rendezvous to see how to make it plural and i found this definition, which would definitely pertain to our parking lot meeting: "the process of bringing two spacecraft together".  and for those wanting to know: "The words bourgeois, chassis, corps, faux pas, gardebras, précis, pince-nez, and rendezvous all have plurals spelled the same way but pronounced differently." 

tonight we are going to watch a movie and drink sparkling grape juice ( favorite) in honor of 6 on 6.  although now that i think about it, we should have rented analyze that for the occasion.  oh well, hancock it is.   

also, i thought i should share with you, my lower leg has been numb and tingling all day...just the front of my leg.  it's kinda creep-sauce.  it only bothers me when i rub it...i didn't even notice it till i was shaving.  if anything further develops, i'll let ya know, since i know this medical mystery will be haunting you.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i'm sitting here on the couch, watching lincoln smell his feet as he watches winnie the poop (that's what he calls him).  and i thought, i must write this post already.  this kid makes me laugh everyday.  he says and does the silliest things.  and so here are a few for your reading enjoyment:  

(ignore the dates...i do a horrible job filling in the boys baby books, so maybe one day i'll actually fill them in and i'm using my blog as my "notes" to remember what to write.  my mom did a spectacular job with all of our baby books, filling them with lots of cute stories and anecdotes....wannabe, wannabe, wannabe, like mom).

(while in the van with us and marla - on summer vaca):
linc: i want to sit on marmo's lap
me: no lincoln, you can't sit on marmo's lap in the van
linc: it's too dirty

things overheard on the monitor upon linc's awakening (summer 08):
"i want coffee, donuts and chicken"
"happy lincoln's birthday" (this on july 14th...linc's bday is june 13th)
"mike, mike - where is he?"

while mike was changing linc the other day (Nov. 08):
"malacai's got a big head.  lincoln's got a big head.  we look funny."

in the van (11.30.08):
me: linc, do you want to get a christmas tree?
linc: no, i want some trick or treat.
about 2 minutes later:
linc: malacai's a burger.  a cheesy one.

anytime we leave any place:
"i have fun at ______." (wherever it was that we'd just been - mimi's house, the brown store {wegmans}, the dentist...)

while pretending to talk on the phone:
"thanks so much, bye, love you"

in the morning when i get him & cai up together, linc walks to the top of the stairs and waits for me to pick him up & carry him down.  and when i do, he either says, "two boys" or "two brothers" as i carry him & cai down.

and there's so many more and i'm forgetting them all ready!  i should be filling this blog with his cuteness so that one day i can fill his baby book.  and as i type this he is pulling off malacai's socks and yelling "stinky foot"....the kid has stinky feet issues today.  

please ignore my crazy eyes and mike's nose...just appreciate how cute & silly my boy is.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

bundle up baby

i am not being a good blogger.  i even have lots of good stories to tell, like sharing about our grimm visit last weekend.  or the millions of cute things lincoln says & does every day.  or pictures from the pumpkin patch that i have yet to post.  and yet, my blog is not being updated. i'll blame malacai this time.  he is so busy doing his army crawl all over kingdom come that i have not had one second to spend blogging lest he crawl into the pellet stove (yes, we got a pellet stove that i have not had a chance to complain write about yet) or chew on every electric cord in sight (which is a lot, because we never had to baby-proof our house for lincoln because he never got into anything, which is amazing).  so you can blame mr. sweet-cheeks for no updates.
but i did want to share two things.  
one: my house is freezing.  we came home late last night from our very fun staff christmas party to a cold house.  the furnace: broke.  the pellet stove was off and even with it on, it barely warms the chair next to it, let alone the living room or our house.  (mike is blocking off the upstairs as i type so we'll see if that helps).  current temps: living room: 57, kitchen: 52.
two: it is 11am and i am laying in bed!!!!!!!!!  the boys had a sleepover at mimi & pop's last night so i've had the bestest morning ever.  i slept till 9 (a few years ago this would not have been considered sleeping in) and have been lounging in bed all morning, staying warm under my blankies. 
i'm very glad that the boys do not have to be here in a freezing house.  i cannot wait to get to mooms.  oh, and our house shall remain freezing all weekend due to the fact that we'd have to pay an extra $200 just to have it fixed on the weekend, rather than waiting till monday.  no thanks.  bundle up baby.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


a little late posting this, but knew you'd want to see the boys in their cute, cute costumes (well, linc isn't too exciting because actually if you look back on last year, you'll see he's wearing the same still fit and i couldn't see getting a new one when this one still fit, waste not-want not).  linc was fun this year, he actually understood what was going on and was so excited to get lots & lots of "cannie, cannie".

doing a little work on the costumes before we go


little cai enjoying his first halloween (with uncle jo-jo)

linc so did not want to pose for pictures, he just wanted to start eating

finally, he can enjoy his treats

surveying the loot

the skunk cannot believe how little the monkey's tail is

malacai finds something better than a monkey tail

as you can see in the last picture, someone gave away animal it!!  a treat i actually don't mind lincoln eating.  if i ever live in a house where we get trick-or-treaters (which i won't, cuz we no likey the city), then i will have a bowl of animal crackers to pass out to the "baby" ghouls & goblins.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

creepy kid

these would have been perfect tales for late last night, so just pretend it's very late on halloween night!

tale #1: a week or so ago, i'm woken up by lincoln talking (over the monitor).  all of a sudden i hear, "who's the guy in the window?".  okay, i think to myself, that's creepy; but he's on the second floor, there could be no one in the window, not to mention we have 2 blinds and a blanket hanging over his window.  so i figure he's probably looking at a book, and decide to jump in the shower before i go up to get him.  then, while i was getting ready, i hear "i see a head".  so now i'm really creeped out, and go up to get him.  nothing is in his room, his window is still covered; he does mention the head and the window one more time while i'm changing him.

tale #2: a few nights ago, i'm putting lincoln to bed and he says, "there's a guy in the room".  i nervously look around and then tell him there's no guy.  he says, "there's a guy in the window". i double check to make sure the windows are still triple-covered and tell him there's no guy in the window.  then he says, "there's a guy standing out in the corn"!  um, creep-sauce!  (we do have corn fields around our house).  then he says, "i'm scared of the guy".  and my reply, "um, too.  i'm going downstairs now, good luck".  (not really...i reassuringly told him that there was no guy and he didn't need to be scared and that jesus was keeping him safe).

tale #3: this morning, i'm lying in bed, listening to lincoln talk over the monitor.  he says, "guy, get me out of bed".  then i hear him rustling around and he cries, "no, i don't want you to!".  

so, yea, i'm officially creeped out by my kid.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sad news

i took our cat, charlotte-kiki, to the vet on monday thinking she must have a case of the worms with all the puking she was doing.  instead, they found a large mass by her stomach and a smaller one by her intestine; she has leukemia and will have to be put down soon.  she's been a fun little kitty.  she was exactly what i had wanted when i told mike what kind of cat we should get: small, gray, and a girl.  she even has green eyes just like my first cat, binky.  we've had her for 5 1/2 years.  my heart is sad.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

vintage clothing

caitlin opened up her own vintage clothing store in byron. she has lots and lots of super cute things...clothes, hats, name it, it's there. and she sells antiques there too. it's the cutest little shop; so if you're in the wny area, go there promptly. (it's right in the heart of byron - by the 4 way stop that 262 and 237 intersect at, big orange doors is her shop).

yea, i was the first purchasing customer!  every time i go there i end up buying something (luckily everything there is a steal of deal...seriously.  so go there!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

home again

this past weekend, lyndsay and andy came back home for a visit (they live in PA now...lyndsay is an RD at Geneva College). we had lots & lots of fun and lots & lots of laughs; it was so good to see my little seesta again...i miss her very, very much.

we celebrated andy's birthday with some red velvet cupcakes

we went for a horse & buggy ride in alexander

note how both boys are clutching the rails...too cute

my little farmer

my bestest friends (we missed mar this past weekend, at least she made it home for the photo op & some red velvet cupcakes)

aunt jan also hosted her annual fall party or "hempelfest" this past weekend.  (we eat german's not my fav as far as bannister-party cuisine goes, but the company can't be beat!).

the new babies ('cept for little ryan is missing)

finally got to meet tate andrew hempel....too cute!

grampa stuie has the magic touch

every year, we take a walk down to the pond...beautiful colors
 ahh...fall.  love it.

on the walk back the moon peeked at us

since i posted a picture of tate, thought i should share an interesting tid-bit about our family:
within the last three years, roy & doris bannister have had nine great-grandbabies born into their clan (they have more than 9 in case you are wondering)...of these nine, only one is a girl.  one girl, eight boys.  crazy.  as jen said, "amelia is going to be thrown into the pond a lot" (if you did not understand that last statement you have probably never been to a nesbitt family reunion)

Friday, October 10, 2008

fall into vermont

mike & i had an amazing trip to vermont.  we went up to northern vermont (without the babies) to enjoy the foliage and go moose spotting.  they had great, great colors and we did see moose.  it was freezing though....into the 30's at night; and we were in a heat-free cabin!  camping (or cabining) in the fall is the best because there are so few people.  we went with a cabin this year because the original forecast for the weekend was supposed to be rain & more rain, but it ended up being a rain-free weekend.  i was glad to have the cabin though; (it was very rustic...beds only) it was nice to have some extra space (to stand up in) and not to have to worry about set up & take down.  i love getting to spend alone time with my favoritest person ever.

our cabin


our first time seeing a bull moose 
(picture taken through the windshield)

posing nicely for us

just isn't the same without marla & justin

my favorite picture that mike took

i had a thing for steeple's on this trip....

my photographer

vermont foliage

this was a sign in rutland, vermont & i thought it was super cute
(and again, so mad that i didn't take pictures of it at night, looked so much better lit up....i had this same problem on the canoe trip)

Friday, September 19, 2008

90 miles

(warning...blogger may have gotten carried away with pictures for this post)

i guess i will finally post about the 90 mile canoe race my buff hubby and brother-in-law did together. (for those that didn't hear, mike did the 90 mile adirondack canoe classic for the second time...i know, who's crazy enough to do it once, let alone twice...and justin did it for the first time!). it was a fun weekend, well maybe more fun for marla & me, their fantastic pit-crew; might have been more of a tiring weekend for the boys. who's ready for the '09 90 miler??

pit crew hard at work making breakfast the first morning
(did i mention our fellow racers started their morning at 4am?!)

team sawyer matching coffee mugs...
er, sorry mike, maybe next year you can have one too!

paddle on team sawyer

team sawyer members

justin got super excited and jumped in the boat before they were even in the water

this is what the starting line looked like on day one

war canoes...maybe the pierce clan in '09?

the first carry...the pit crew met up with the paddlers to see how they were doing
(justin under canoe, mike carrying gear behind, marla checking things out)

taking off....

second carry...canoe weighs 65 pounds (i may not have that number right)

finish line day one - blue mountain lake

the beach at blue mountain lake

mike picking out his seat for the race
(note the rain jackets...paddled in the rain  - 
 and the pit crew took down & set up tents in the rain...not so much fun)

team sawyer mascot

watching the paddlers from long lake bridge

had to get a picture of "whitey", the other team we rooted for 
(we said it was mike & justin in 20 years)

the only reason i am posting such a ridiculous picture of myself is to show our true pit-crew spirit...
first, i agreed to spend my 5th anniversary watching my husband paddle a boat;
second, look how dedicated...we even made signs

day two finish

my hot paddler - xo

aunt jan & uncle stu happened to be in the adks the same weekend 
(only a mere 100 miles away), so they came over to see the big race and took us out to a lovely dinner in tupper lake

happy anniversary, happy anniversary.....

we couldn't take the rain so we opted for a stay in a motel instead and found this cute, vintage motel in tupper lake 
(i'm so mad i didn't take the picture at night when the sign was lit because it was super cute then)

the cute motel cabin we stayed in
(couldn't think of a better way to spend our anniversary...sharing a tiny room with marla & justin!)


this was the super cute office (again...looked so cute at night with the "office" sign lit up)

packed out...the sleeping bags are where marla & justin seats were...

squeeze it in

misty morning start for the third day

yea...the final finish line in saranac lake!

stepping out for the last time

the aftermath

we did it, we did it!

just thought this sign was great, and the fellow under it!

heck yea team sawyer....3rd place!


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